Where irreverence and reverie meet.
A country-punk-noise initiative.




Fury. Despair. Glee. Hope. Heartache. Hysteria. Emotions are laid bare on IRREVERY VOL I. In the music, in the art, in the book, in the videos, in the performances. Preview the raucous launch of our enterprise.


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No two shows are alike. Some are more irreverent. Some are more reverie. See them all.

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Eleven artists have illustrated a book of the lyrics of Irrevery I. Delve in. 


Irrevery is looking good. Let’s meet face to face.


Witness the three films of Irrevery Volume I



We make music: country-punk noise. We make books. We make art.

 Irrevery combines music, art, literature, film, and performance. Irrevery is in the tradition of immersive artists such as Richard Wagner and his concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, The Residents, Bjork, and others. Experience Irrevery. Listen to the music, read the book, watch the film, see the show.


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The Record!

Get your hands on a download dollar and you’ll have an advance copy of Irrevery I, our eagerly anticipated musical debut!

The Chapbook!

The visual accompaniment to the record of the same name. To be consumed by itself or with its musical companion. All the Irrevery that’s fit to print! 

Your Very Own Irrevery Play Mask!

Never be told to smile again! Always fit in at parties! Succeed!